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Information about the Plaza Umeshin

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The detailed descriptions of Plaza Umeshin are the followings.


The Front Desk
We provide the reception services such as the custody of office keys, mails, and delivered goods.
Always open
Plaza Umeshin is available all year around. The front desk operates 24 hours and 365 days.
Spacious lobby
The lobby was renovated in June 2011 and can be used for business talk and the meeting place with visitors.
High-quality office service
We offer the good-quality service like We offer meticulous services like a hotel.

The dignified appearance by the eye-catching red brick

There might be many people who have seen the Plaza Umeshin building at least once as it is located by the crossroads Umeshin Higashi which is at the center of Umeda, Osaka. The appearance of this red brick building is imposing and retro. It has been one of the representative buildings in the area since it was built in 1977, even after many modern buildings have been built around. There are various kinds of tenants including a hotel run by Resorttrust Co., Ltd., one of the leading membership-hotel management companies, and its Osaka Branch office.

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