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High-quality office service

Here is the introduction of our superior services. We support your business with our 24-hour security.

The difference of Plaza Umeshin from other office buildings is our front desk service. The front desk, which is open 24 hours and 365 days, provides the reception services including the custody of office keys, mails and delivered goods when the tenant is out of the office. It plays a role of your secretary with services such as delivering messages, arrangement of rides, and handling cleanings. While the office key is deposited at the front desk the security alarm of the office is turned on, and a person in charge responds to an alarm call in the case of a forcible entry. You can concentrate on your work feeling secure with the front desk that operates 24 hours. Our services make you feel as comfortable as those of hotels. We also provide you the comfort of home with greeting such as “have a nice day” and “welcome home”.

This hotel-like system of Plaza Umeshin being open 24 hours 365 days makes you possible to conduct business in your own style without worrying about the open hours of the building. The room of hotel type enables you to stay over at your office since it is equipped with a kitchen and a modular bathroom. Additionally there is a laundry room on the 13th floor.

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